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It's going to be big!

You are at a concert. There is a large screen beside the stage. You pull out your phone, take a photo of you and your mate, post it to twitter with the concerts hashtag and a few seconds later your photo appears on that screen to hundreads of people. Your twitter post is also available to everyone who follows you. You got your 30 seconds of fame but more importantly the concert's organisers got free advertising. They got their concert name on your twitter feed. You advertised for them.

The web today is powerful. We can tweet, check-in and share anything, anywhere at anytime. A company's website used to be a simple hello, here is what we do, get in touch. Nowadays it's ramped up a notch. Companies have the ability to engage directly with customers, build relationships with their target audience and be open for business 24/7.

But digital is not just about websites. Interactive advertising is something you could consider. An advert on the side of a website that is actually a game? If you really wanted, you could even have a big red button on your website that when pressed turned off all the lights in an office building.

These are just ideas but with digital the ideas are endless.

what we offer

from concept to final product, we have your back

Have an idea? or perhaps your struggling? We work with you to develop a concept that will engage your target audience and communicate with them.

This could be a website, showcasing your services or brand proposition. It may be an interactive game that users interact with using phones. We help you choose the best platform to develop your concept.

We then develop wireframes, prototypes, graphical mock ups to make sure we are all on the right path. Once these are approved we move to development

Our inhouse team design and build your digital projects using the latest in web technologies. We follow industry standards to make sure your project is secure and works accross devices.


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If you think we can help you out, if you want to discuss an idea or just simply want to say hello, please feel free to contact us.

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